Aries Interior Double Door Golden oak with Silver Strips

Aries Interior Double Door Golden oak with Silver Strips



  • Select Width of the Opening in Feet

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    Select the Fraction Width of the Opening

    Select the Height Opening of the Door in Feet

    Select the Height Opening of the Door in Inches

    Select the Height Fraction of the Opening

  • Include


    It's the vertical and horizontal pieces that attach to the end of the wall, and that keep the door from swinging completely through the frame

    • 160 $

    Frame / Jamb Dimensions in Inches

    • 0 $

    Frame / Jamb Dimensions Fraction

  • Door Hardware

    • 61 $
    • 59 $

    Door Handing

  • Custom Design Notes

    We accept custom design every order with your specifications and measurements. Therefore we need your exact dimensions. We provide a measurements calculator but in case your design require extra info you can leave here a special note and we are going to take care of your custom design.

    • $

    • 250 $
    • 250 $

    Sidelites Width Fraction

    Sidelites Width in Inches

    • 30 $

    Sidelites Width Fraction

    Sidelites Width in Inches

    • 30 $

  • Include Casing


    Casings will be applied around the door jamb, inside and outside

    • 120 $

    Casing Inside Width

    • 0 $

    Casing Inside Width Fraction

    Casing Outside Width

    • 0 $

    Casing Outside Width Fraction

    • 148.99 $
  • Description


This door is fabricated in poplar wood slats and coated with natural wood veneer , wood frame stained in color golden oak . which require no further treatment of the slab. We use only the finest materials and construction techniques available on the market, which makes our products quality and appearance absolutely superb.

Door “Slab” Orders
Slab door is just a rectangular slab of wood. No frame, casing or hardware are included (unless otherwise noted) and the door is NOT prepped for hinges or a handle.

Pre-Hanging Orders
This is a knocked down pre-hung door option that is easy to assemble and to install. Door slabs and Jambs are precisely pre-machined to match each other at the assemblage points. Jambs and Casings are carefully packed and shipped together with door slabs. Every piece is labeled to make assembly and installation quick and easy at the job site.

Pre-hanging preparation consists of the following:

Door Jamb and Casing
The frame is made from natural wood filling with a rubber sealed door stops, and self-regulating molding to enable easy installation. The thickness of the door jamb is 3 7/8”, which is adjustable to 4 7/8” using the L-Casing molding. Casings are applied around the door jamb, which are the same finish as the door.

Handle Preparation
A pre-hung unit will have pre-drilled door for a handle with 2 3/8” backset.
Bore diamteter will be 2 1/8”.
Backset is the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the bore hole.

Mortised Hinges

Plain-Bearing Hinges:
All steel base material. Plain bearings. .Full mortise. Polished chrome finish. Size: 3.5” x 3.5” square hinge.

Door Installation must be done after new floor completely install and finished. We prefer your walls painted as well.